Mercredi dernier, Fleur Saillofest, Coach Agile chez beNext, a eu l’excellente idée de réunir 3 Scrum Masters pour un meetup qui prit la forme d’une Table ronde sur le Scrum Mastering à distance. François Auger, Scrum Master chez, Emeline Boulet, Scrum Master chez beNext (actuellement en mission chez Mappy)…

In every meetup and webinar I’ve attended about User Story Mapping recently, the same question has popped up: How do we deal with multiple user flows in a single story map?

While it’s easy to take into account two to three different personas within a classic story map, adding multiple…

A Zoom meeting at

I’ve recently seen posts pop up in my seemingly bottomless LinkedIn feed talking about a new phenomenon: ‘Zoom fatigue.’

While this assertion may be well and true, I still see, ironically enough, people showing off screen grabs from video conferencing apps where dozens of coworkers are joined together in a…

Alexandre Beauchet

COO at

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